Which Wrestler Does Arn Anderson Have In His Top Ten Of All Time?

Which Wrestler Does Arn Anderson Have In His Top Ten Of All Time?

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson recently shared his admiration for fellow wrestler William Regal.

Discussing Regal’s standing among the industry’s all-time great workers on an episode of his podcast, ARN. Arn Anderson’s insights shed light on Regal’s prowess in the ring, placing him firmly in the top echelons of professional wrestling performers.

During the podcast, Anderson explicitly stated that William Regal undeniably occupies a spot in the top 10 in-ring performers of all time. While Anderson refrained from specifying Regal’s exact rank within this elite group, he emphatically asserted that the British wrestler has rightfully earned his place among the industry’s best.

I would certainly say top ten, I don’t know where he fits in that ten, but he’s in the top ten I would think.

Anderson went on to express confidence in a hypothetical tag team partnership with Regal, confidently claiming that, even at the age of 65, they would still be reigning champions.

At 65, we’d still be the tag champions.

Despite only teaming up for one notable match in September 1996 during a NJPW event, a match they unfortunately lost to Sting and Lex Luger. Anderson and Regal’s connection runs deeper as they faced each other in singles competition on multiple occasions, with a memorable 30-minute bout for the WCW World Television Championship taking place at WCW’s SuperBrawl IV pay-per-view in February 1994.

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