When The Rock Really Joined TKO’s Board Revealed

The Rock

The Rock is back in the fold at the highest level of WWE and it seems he’s been there longer than people might think.

The 23rd of January 2023 proved to be a historic day for WWE as the company signed a major deal with Netflix to be the new home of Raw. The $5 billion deal sees Raw move to the streaming giant beginning in January 2025 with Netflix also becoming the home of WWE content in many countries around the world.

Before that announcement, however, it was revealed that The Rock had been appointed to TKO’s Board of Directors. The TKO Group is the parent company formed to oversee both WWE and UFC when the Endeavor takeover of WWE was completed in September 2023.

The Rock Joined TKO Board Earlier Than Publicised

Dave Meltzer, writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has noted that despite the announcement of The Rock’s appointment not being made until the 23rd of January, the former WWE Champion actually joined the board on the 3rd of January.

It is not known why the delay in announcing his appointment was made but with the stock price shooting up following the double announcement of The Rock and the Netflix deal, it could have been planned to keep shareholders happy.