What Chris Jericho Did To Surprise Many In AEW After Title Win

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is being begged to retire by AEW fans but it seems that was all part of his masterplan to become The Learning Tree.

Chris Jericho was AEW’s first-ever World Champion but since losing that crown he has not held any more AEW gold with Jericho only capturing the Ring of Honor World Title for 80 days in 2022.

At Dynasty, his wait for AEW-sanctioned gold continued but Jericho added a new title to his own legacy that he had never held, the FTW Championship.

Jericho had formed a short-lived alliance with HOOK in recent weeks but showed his true colours when he pushed HOOK’s father Taz over in the middle of the ring. That set up a showdown between the FTW Champion and Jericho in St. Louis.

HOOK had only lost twice in singles matches during his AEW career before facing off with Jericho but now he has to add a third loss to that list. HOOK remained defiant in the face of two Judas Effects from Jericho but was eventually put away as Jericho nailed him in the head with Floyd, the baseball bat.

Since then Jericho has continued to antagonise HOOK but is more dangerous than ever with Big Bill willing to sit under The Learning Tree and be the latest AEW star to be swept into the Jericho Vortex.

Chris Jericho’s Changes Surprised Many In AEW

Fightful Select has now reported that the wildly negative reaction Jericho has received from fans since taking on this new character is exactly what the veteran had laid out prior to his match with HOOK. There had been discussions between many within AEW regarding if anyone had let Jericho know about the “Jericho Vortex” phrase that had been widely used on the internet to disparage the star.

However, while Chris Jericho might have had no surprises about the reactions he is now getting, there was said to be some surprise about the additional adornments Jericho has made to the FTW Championship since winning it. Those surprised by Jericho’s slight modifications include Taz who first introduced the non-sanctioned title into ECW in the mid-nineties.