Wes Lee Comments On NXT North American Title Win

Wes Lee

Wes Lee has shared his thoughts about recently winning the NXT North American Championship.

Back in 2020, Wes Lee would join WWE’s developmental brand with Nash Carter known as MSK. Throughout their time in IMPACT Wrestling, as well as the independent circuit, the duo were known as The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) before ultimately signing with World Wrestling Entertainment and being placed into NXT.

At NXT Stand & Deliver, MSK would win the NXT Tag Team Championship for a second time, however, just days later, the titles were vacated due to Carter being released by WWE, this after allegations of abuse and photos of Nazi symbolism.

After Carter was dropped from the company, Wes Lee was moved to the singles division. Up until this point, the biggest moment in his career was his NXT North American Championship victory at Halloween Havoc.

Recently, Wes Lee would make an appearance on “Getting Over” for an interview with Adam Silverstein, where he would speak about going from the tag team division to singles competition.

“When I pulled the title from on top of the ladder. It’s a weird process where nothing really feels real until it happens. Things happen throughout life that prevent you from getting to the end goal that is said to be the end goal. I’m very blessed that everything worked out and I became the North American Champion and the hard work and perseverance that I had to endure, it paid off.

That feel good story of hard work paying off. This is 100% proof of it. It wasn’t just in-ring hard work, it was personal hard work. There were a lot of times where I was thinking about whether or not I still have this. I had a singles time period before I became a tag team specialist, but even within that, I was still floundering. I was trying to find myself, I was uncomfortable with who I was.

I was a very young individual and I hadn’t necessarily had the life experience necessary for me to grow within myself. I don’t want to say I was a sheltered kid, but I shied away from certain things because of preconceived notions of it. As I experienced life and I see what I’m capable of, life is difficult, but it definitely equips you with tools necessary to become successful.”

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