WBD Requests Major Changes To AEW PPV’s

AEW Warner Bros Logo WBD

According to a new report, major changes could be on the way when it comes to AEW’s PPV lineup.

Since its inception, AEW has produced pay-per-view events on a limited basis. However, according to a new report from Fightful Select, that could be changing due to a request from Warner Bros Discovery.

Fightful Select recently reported that All Elite Wrestling and Warner Bros Discovery were in the midst of major discussions regarding its television deal, negotiations that could lead to a huge money increase. as Warner Bros Discovery is reportedly very happy with the partnership.

Now, Fightul Select provides another update from WBD sources. According to those sources, one of the major proposals from Warner Bros Discovery involves the “very likely possibility” of significantly extending the AEW PPV schedule. In fact, the company may be looking to hold pay-per-view events as often as once per month, similar to the schedule of WWE’s premium live events. Sources indicate that’s something Warner Bros Discovery wants to happen.

Sources would not elaborate to Fightful whether this expanded schedule would use the traditional standalone pay-per-view method or whether some events would be held on a streaming service such as Max.

All Elite Wrestling has already expand its special event offerings as of late, adding Forbidden Door in 2022 and All In in 2023. At this time, there are no broadcast plans announced for All In, which will take place inside Wembley Stadium on August 27th.

No final deal has been confirmed when it comes to talks between AEW and WBD, so any plans are subject to change. However, FIghtful Select notes that an expanded schedule has definitely been the subject of discussion.