Wardlow Explains Why He Likes Being A Sex Symbol


Wardlow loves the fact that he’s considered a sex symbol.

Multiple women have fallen in love with Wardlow, labeling him “Wardaddy.” Previously, Wardlow has stated on the record that he has tied up women in his bedroom, and has no problem being sexual.

Speaking to Fightful Select, Wardlow would say:

“What more can a man ask for? Realistically, that was one of my goals, to get the female viewership. I am very welcoming to the idea of being a sex symbol, not only in wrestling, but in the entertainment business. I’ve been told I look a certain way. I am a sexual being. I’m human. I embrace it all. Call me Wardaddy all you want.”

Wardlow continued:

“I’ll say this, especially for the guys trying to break out in the business, even if you can’t afford the nicest clothes, that’s fine, but when you show up to a show, especially if you’re doing extra work, at least tuck your shirt in, try to pick out something relatively…whatever you consider to be dressy.

Everyone has different levels of what they consider that to be. Just out of respect for the business, I love when I see young kids coming to do extra work and they have, even if they don’t have a full-blown three-piece suit, at least have some slacks or some khakis and a polo or a shirt tucked in. Just try.”

H/T Fightful Select