Wardlow Has Been Getting “Bad Advice From Day One” Says Arn Anderson

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Wardlow is a three-time TNT Champion that is now paired with Arn Anderson, who says the powerhouse was given bad advice in the past.

In AEW, the championship that gets passed around the most is the TNT Title. While Jade Cargill has held the Women’s TBS Title for over 16 months and the AEW World Title usually stays on the same person for at least half a year, the TNT Title does change hands often.

Wardlow’s first reign as the TNT Champion started in July 2022 and he held the title for over five months. The second TNT Title reign lasted only three days when Powerhouse Hobbs beat him. Many people likely thought that Hobbs would have a long run with the title, but it ended on the April 19th episode of Dynamite when Wardlow got the title back.

Part of the reason why Wardlow got the title back is because he got an assist from WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson, who is a wrestling legend, a veteran wrestling Producer and a coach in AEW that has been aligned with the likes of Cody Rhodes, his son Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman Jr. as well. Now, Arn is with Wardlow to watch his back and guide him.

On the most recent of Arn Anderson’s podcast, the master of the Spinebuster talked about how his pairing with Wardlow came about.

“You know, I don’t think anybody expected [this pairing]. It’s not even from left field, it’s from down the first base line or something, you know? [Wardlow] has got so much potential, so much talent. He is such a class act, he is focused, he carries himself like a professional. He does everything right, he’s just been getting some bad advice from day one.”

“When that locker room sees a guy that’s got unlimited potential, the claws come out, you know what I’m saying? They try to shut him down before he ever gets rolling in all kinds of political ways and physical ways, you name it, breaking into another man’s car is pretty stout.”

“We had a couple of closed door conversations and I said ‘You let me worry about what goes down on the floor, because I’ve thought it, seen it, and done it decades before anybody else. Let me just free you up to do what you do, and that’s clean house.’ He kinda looked at me and I said ‘Don’t worry about anything else that goes on, I’ll take care of the floor, you just take care of the match.’ “

“What makes it such a big victory, that guy he beat, Powerhouse Hobbs… He’s a stud and a superstar in the making, make no mistake. That guy has got unlimited potential as well, so it makes [Wardlow’s] win even bigger.”

Recently, Jim Ross also named Wardlow and Hobbbs as two foundation pieces for AEW in the years ahead.

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