Wade Barrett On “Home Run” Wayne Rooney Raw Segment

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett feels him and Wayne Rooney hit it out of the park.

While as a professional wrestler in WWE, Wade Barrett has had a lot of success in nine years being a mid-card talent, including winning the Intercontinental Championship on five different occasions, scoring the King of the Ring victory in 2015, and won season one of NXT. Barrett was released from the company on May 6, 2016, which reportedly was due to Barrett not signing a new contract in August 2015.

On November 9, 2015 on WWE Monday Night Raw, one of the biggest moments of Wade Barrett’s career happened, as Wade Barrett – who was under the ring name of King Barrett then – had a incident with legendary footballer Wayne Rooney that got physical. During a match between Cesaro and Sheamus, Rooney would land a punch on Barrett, hitting him in the jaw.

Having an exclusive conversation with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes during a live event by the wrestling media giant, Wade Barrett put a spotlight on the the segment with Rooney, saying that he knew it was going to be a hit with the WWE Universe. That it was, as the video went so viral that it spread to countries where professional wrestling isn’t that popular.

“So it was a really awesome segment, it achieved exactly what we wanted to achieve. And then I got to the back, usual handshakes, everyone’s thrilled with it. And I look at my Twitter and this thing has immediately gone viral, and it’s on ESPN in the US, it’s on Sky Sports over here. And I have these alerts set up on my Twitter, which alert me as to what’s going on in the Twitter world and it’ll even tell me when my handle @WadeBarrett, which it was at the time, is trending.

So I was trending in the UK because all these newspapers have picked up on it and when they were getting clicks on the story, and then I was trending in the US and then I was slowly as the sun was rising around the world and people would wake up and it would be on their news around the world, it will be [saying] you are now trending in Australia, you are now trending in Japan, and the one that really, I really knew we’d we’d hit a home run as they say in the US – you are now trending in Nigeria.”

H/T Inside The Ropes