Wade Barrett Discusses Major Factor That’s Putting Him Off An In-Ring Return

wade barrett wwe smackdown

Wade Barrett had a lot of success in the ring in his WWE, but the former Intercontinental Champion is content with being an announcer for now.

It was in August 2020 when Wade Barrett returned to WWE as an announcer on the NXT. For the next two years, he was with Vic Joseph on NXT commentary until WWE moved Barrett to Smackdown earlier in October 2022.

The Smackdown move may only be temporary because Pat McAfee is likely going to assume the role when his ESPN College GameDay duties end in December. After the news of his Smackdown move was announced, Barrett tweeted “I’ll be back” about an NXT return.

During his WWE career as an active wrestler from when he signed in 2006 to making his 2010 TV debut on NXT, Barrett’s greatest accomplishment was winning the Intercontinental Championship five times. Barrett also contended for the WWE Championship in his career and was the 2015 King of the Ring. Barrett’s in-ring career ended in late 2015 when he chose to pursue other things.

Even though he was very successful as a wrestler in WWE, the 42-year-old Barrett told Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast that he was happy staying behind the table as an announcer.

“I’ve never ruled out getting back in the ring one day. I won’t say it’s high on my list of priorities, I don’t think I can physically do the full-time grind anymore, more mentally than physically. I’m still in very good shape and keep myself fit, but the mental grind of doing that job full-time for who knows how long would be very difficult for me at this point. I just have other avenues and things I enjoy doing, most obviously the commentary side, which I wouldn’t want to give up.”

“Walking down to that ring and hearing people yelling ‘Boom’ to me, it does start to make you think, ‘Maybe I have a little left in the tank.’ Then, that was my first night back, in the main event was GUNTHER against Sheamus and I’m seeing these two, for three segments, beat the hell out of each other. I’m seeing the bruising and I’m like, ‘two hours ago, I felt like I wanted to get back, maybe. Now, I’m watching these two. Hell no.’ I know that if I come back, they aren’t putting me with the light guys. They’re putting me in there with Sheamus, GUNTHER, Drew (McIntyre) and I’m getting my ass whooped every week. The commentary desk is a lot safer, I’ll stay here for a bit.”

H/T Fightful for the transcription.