Wade Barrett Confirms His Role As Smackdown Announcer

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett will now be a permanent fixture on Smackdown.

Wade Barrett’s time in pro wrestling – particularly in WWE – has been tumultuous. He was pushed as a major star during the Nexus storyline in 2010 but a single match ending being changed the day of had major ramifications on his entire career.

After losing the most important match of his career, Barrett remained a fixture in WWE’s midcard until his departure from the company in 2016.

After leaving WWE, Wade Barrett retired from in-ring competition but remained somewhat connected to pro-wrestling through interviews and discussions.

Then in 2020, Wade Barrett was brought in as a commentator for NXT. Since then he has moved up to SmackDown and has been a regularly-heard voice on that brand for some time now.

And according to the man himself in an interview with Daily Star UK, he’s not going anywhere as his position as SmackDown commentator has become (more or less) permanent.

“It’s as permanent as you can ever be in a role in WWE!

Historically things have always been switched around and teams have been moved from here to there, and I’m not saying I’m going to be in the SmackDown hot seat for the next ten years or anything like that.

But in terms of the foreseeable, it’s going to be me and Cole going forward.”

But just because the role is permanent doesn’t mean it’ll be him all the time. Barrett noted that there may be the odd occasion whereby he’ll switch with Pat McAfee.

“Pat McAfee is always going to be a friend of WWE. He’s an incredibly talented guy and we’re all fans of his, too, but he has a lot on his plate.

I am sure he’ll come in and out from time to time and be involved in various roles but, as far as I’m aware, he’s not going to be sat in the SmackDown hot seat for now at least.”

h/t Daily Star UK for the transcription