Virgil Shuts Down Death Rumors In Hilarious Fashion


Rumors of former WWE Superstar Virgil’s demise have been greatly exaggerated according to the man himself!

Whether declaring his love of Olive Garden’s meat sauce or setting up an autograph table on Vince McMahon’s Hollywood star, former WWE star Virgil is no stranger to creating headlines for himself, especially in the name of making what he calls “f*** money.”

Therefore, when a rumor surfaced online that the star had passed away, Virgil responded as only he could: hilariously saying that if it would make him money, he’s willing to go along with the rumor. The tweet containing the false news of his death has since been deleted.

“If it pays the bills let’s make it happen”

Virgil made his name as ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase’s butler in the late eighties in WWE. Doing DiBiase’s bidding, the star ensured his boss could find everybody’s price without having to get his hands dirty himself. When the bodyguard finally had enough of bowing to DiBiase’s demands, he turned on his one-time boss, capturing DiBiase’s prized possession, the Million Dollar Championship. His success in WWE was limited after DiBiase recaptured his title and Virgil left the company in 1995.

After some time on the independent scene, he transformed into Vincent and became the nWo’s Head Of Security in WCW. Although he was one of the most enduring nWo members, Vincent wasn’t one of the most successful, returning to a background role like his early days with DiBiase.