Vince Russo Felt That Watching AEW “Was A Total Waste Of My Time”

Vince Russo

Vince Russo is not a fan of AEW and no amount of persuasion will make him change his mind.

Vince Russo has long been a controversial figure in wrestling history. He was integral to WWE’s shift to a wilder and more unpredictable TV show presentation, which has since become known as “crash TV”.

This change in presentation was critical to WWE’s growth during the Attitude Era, but when implemented in WCW and later TNA, Russo failed to achieve the same sort of success.

Although he hasn’t been actively involved with any wrestling promotion for years, he has still followed it to some degree over the past few years. Unfortunately for fans of AEW, they will not find many kind words from Russo about their favorite promotion.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Vince Russo expressed extreme disinterest in AEW’s product and noted that he won’t be watching it anymore going forward.

“I watched AEW, the first year and a half. And it was a massive, massive waste of my time. And I basically said when I turn 60 I’m not watching this anymore, this is a total waste of my time. At 60 years old, I’m closer to the end in the beginning. My time is very valuable, and this is just not worthy of my time.”

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription