Vince Russo Couldn’t Work For Vince McMahon Now Due To “Morals & Ethics”

Vince McMahon

Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo has claimed that he wouldn’t be able to work under Vince McMahon today due to his “morals & ethics.”

Vince McMahon stunned the wrestling world in July 2022 when he announced his retirement from WWE. That came amid an investigation by the company’s Board of Directors into allegations of sexual misconduct against McMahon and that he had paid millions of dollars in “hush money” payments to female ex-employees.

But the quiet life didn’t take for Vince McMahon and in the first week of 2023 he strong-armed his way back onto WWE’s Board of Directors before being installed as Executive Chairman. His boardroom shenanigans have now seen three lawsuits filed against him while he has also paid a sum in the millions of dollars to ex-WWE referee Rita Chatterton who had long accused McMahon of rape.

While McMahon is not in charge of the creative direction of the company or attending shows – yet – he is in charge if he chooses to be and that doesn’t sit easy for many given what he has been accused of – one such individual is former writer Vince Russo.

Taking to social media, Russo claims that he won’t be lining up to work for Vince McMahon again anytime soon if such an offer ever came his way:

“Truth. With everything that’s come out, I couldn’t work for @VinceMcMahon today. That’s me. I think morals & ethics are the key to not only being a leader-but being a man. Who I work for is important to me. That’s why, w/ the wrestling business being what it is-I work for myself.”