Vince McMahon’s “Love-Hate Relationship” With Hulk Hogan Examined

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan

Vince McMahon’s up-and-down relationship with Hulk Hogan has been examined with a WWE executive saying the two legends were “family.”

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan brought wrestling to the mainstream with their resurgence of sports entertainment in the 1980s. All good things come to an end however and so it proved for the two men’s business relationship when Hogan left WWE in 1993 and joined the company’s arch-rivals WCW one year later.

Now one of Vince McMahon’s right-hand men over the year and current WWE executive Bruce Prichard has addressed how the two icons of the industry saw each other on his Something To Wrestle podcast:

“Well, definitely, it was a love-hate relationship. It was a father-son; it was a brother relationship. I do think they were close as a family. So that probably added to the tension between Hulk and Vince. But Vince was always the boss, and Hulk was always the favorite son. So, it was, you know, people argue, would Vince have been as successful without Hulk? Would Hulk have been as successful without Vince?”

Prichard then explained how everyone pitched in to offer the idea of McMahon and Hogan clashing one-on-one which finally happened at WrestleMania 19:

“I think it was everyone’s idea. I know Hulk really wanted to do that. I know the team really wanted to do it. That was just, that’s one of those, laying on the floor waiting for someone to pick it up. Yes, Vince didn’t think it would be the same with Hogan [as it was with Steve Austin]. To me, I thought it would be even more with Hogan because there was much material to work with. Who made who?”

h/t Sportskeeda