Vince McMahon’s Notorious Botch; Edge Unveils The Details Of The Aftermath

Vince McMahon's Notorious Botch; Edge Unveils The Details Of The Aftermath

WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently shared a hilarious and unforgettable story about a notorious botched moment involving Vince McMahon at the 2005 Royal Rumble.

The incident occurred when Vince McMahon entered the ring after a finish went awry, resulting in John Cena and Batista being eliminated simultaneously, which was not the planned outcome. As McMahon made his way into the ring, he ended up tearing his quadriceps muscles in both legs, leading to a comical scene of McMahon sitting on the mat, conversing with WWE officials, Cena, and Batista.

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, Edge, who had been eliminated from the match just moments before the unplanned double elimination, shared his recollection of what happened backstage after the botched finish. He humorously described how Vince McMahon’s power walk to the ring was on a whole new level, comparing it to a “Thanos power walk, like, eating worlds.” Edge playfully remarked that while McMahon possessed strength, he wouldn’t be suitable for a basketball game due to his lack of athleticism.

I’m still walking to the back and I just see [Vince McMahon’s] pompadour come power walking out. Vince has a power walk anyway but this was like, a next-level power walk. This was like a Thanos power walk, like, eating worlds. I just went, ‘Oh no, oh good Lord.’ Now, Vince is not the most athletic man in the world, he’s kinda like a newborn colt on ice. You can just tell he’s strong, he can lift weights, but I wouldn’t put him in a basketball game.

After witnessing McMahon’s injury, Edge quickly made his way backstage, avoiding any potential awkwardness. Meanwhile, McMahon, known for his stubbornness and determination, insisted on refusing help and managed to walk, despite tearing both his quadriceps, to his car in the hallway. He was then taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated. Edge described the whole experience as surreal, recalling how nobody knew about McMahon’s torn quads at the time and how he decided to retreat to the dressing room when he realised what had happened.

I get through the curtain and all I see is him go to dive in, go to stand up and just – ugh -, This is odd, those guys are standing in the ring, now he’s sitting there? Huh, go to get up – ugh. He tore both quads. Nobody knew at that time, I just remember like, ‘Oh man, I am getting out of dodge.’ I am going back to that dressing room. And then we were told, don’t go in the hallway, don’t go in the hallway, don’t go in the hallway, They had the hallways clear so Vince could somehow manage to walk because he refused help with two, torn f**king quads. So that he could get in his car, his limo, to take him to a hospital to get his torn quads fixed. That was a surreal little moment.

Who Else Has Talked About Vince McMahons Botch At Royal Rumble 2005?

On an episode of his podcast, Matt Hardy discussed Vince McMahon’s reaction to his Royal Rumble 2005 botch. He shared a similar story of McMahon ordering for the hallway to be cleared so that people couldn’t see him in a weakened state.

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