Vince McMahon Forced WWE Star To Change Their Name For Unusual Reason

Vince McMahon WWE

Name changes in WWE are nothing new and now Mr. Kennedy has revealed the reason he was given a new moniker by Vince McMahon during his time in the company.

Mr. Kennedy is best known outside of WWE as Ken Anderson, the man who held the TNA World Championship twice during his time in that company. However, the “Kennedy” name, although Vince McMahon’s middle name was given to the star to avoid accusations of nepotism.

Speaking on UnSKripted, Mr. Kennedy revealed that Vince McMahon wanted to give him a new name as he didn’t want connections made between him and the historic Anderson wrestling family which included Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Lars Anderson, and Gene Anderson:

“[Vince] was like ‘I don’t want people associating you with them; I don’t want them to think there’s some kind of nepotism involved.’

“I will say that whether or not I’m related to him, I was fortunate enough to be under [Arn’s] wing at WWE because he was one of the producers there. From the time that I was just an extra, going there and trying to get a job and trying to get looked at, I would sit around the ring, and Arn was one of those guys who was just happy to share his knowledge with anyone who would listen.”

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h/t Wrestling Inc.