Vince McMahon Opened WWE Talks With Saudi Arabia After 2022 Exit

Vince McMahon on the phone

As rumours swirl that WWE has been sold, a new report suggests that Vince McMahon opened talks with those in Saudi Arabia immediately after his retirement.

Vince McMahon stunned the wrestling world when he forced his way back onto WWE’s Board of Directors, with the Board since naming him as Executive Chairman. That news came on the back of Stephanie McMahon announcing her resignation as Chairwoman and CEO.

Furthermore, reports have suggested WWE is on the brink of being sold to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, which also has stakes in English football giants Newcastle United and the LIV Golf organisation.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that any involvement with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has not come out of the blue and that Vince McMahon has been in talks with them since being forced into his short-lived retirement in July 2022:

“One thing we do know about this story is that ever since was ousted he did open up talks with the Saudis. So this didn’t come in the last week. His coming back was obviously to close a deal that perhaps the people who are running the company – for all the reasons we’re talking about – probably felt very uneasy about the deal closing because they’re perhaps looking out for the long-term [future] of the company and their own asses too.”

Nothing is confirmed until anything is announced by WWE but one star in the company has reportedly noted that they are “done” if such a takeover happens.

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