Vince McMahon’s Vision Never Appealing To Major WWE Star

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon is no longer part of WWE and it seems his demise led to one top star wanting to be part of the main roster.

Gunther was best known to fans as Walter during his time as part of NXT UK and NXT. When The Ring General moved to the main roster he was rechristened as Gunther, and many fans felt his call-up had been long overdue.

Suggestions were made during his time on NXT UK that the Austrian star did not want to up sticks completely and move to the US and he’s now revealed that Vince McMahon was part of that uncertainty.

Gunther Unimpressed By Vince McMahon’s WWE

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Gunther admitted one of the reasons he didn’t want to move to the US was due to not being impressed with what he saw on Raw and SmackDown under Vince McMahon:

I think one of the reasons why I didn’t want to go to the US for a long time was because Raw and SmackDown under Vince’s vision at that time was something that was never appealing to me as a wrestler,’ he said. ‘It was just not what I was interested in.

I’m a throwback, and I like to have my time for my matches, and I like to have to focus on what I do in the ring, and not the bells and whistles around it. And that experience back then [at Survivor Series 2019] was almost a confirmation for that.

I got really lucky, I always had a good relationship with Triple H, and a lot of things fell in place at the right time for me, and with how everything is run now. I think it’s way more modern, it’s more intelligent in terms of placing certain talent and showcasing their strengths. So it’s a very exciting time, and I think the our fans can feel it’s like a like a breath of fresh air.

Under Triple H’s leadership, Gunther has flourished on WWE’s main roster, becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. The star is part of the King of the Ring tournament that will culminate in Saudi Arabia on May 25th and many are predicting it won’t be too long until he’s challenging for world title gold.