Vince McMahon Tells Logan Paul His Future Is In WWE

Vince McMahon Logan Paul

Vince McMahon saw WWE Superstar qualities in Logan Paul right from the outset.

The social media megastar made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38, teaming with The Miz to defeat Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The content creator was not well received by the fans in attendance, booing the celebrity’s performance from the outset.

Speaking with Stephen A. Smith, Paul admitted that there was one taunt performed in the match that whipped the Dallas crowd into a frenzy:

I was invited to do a wrestling match, a tag team match against the Mysterios for WrestleMania, because I had kind of a working relationship with the WWE. I think halfway through this match, I hit a move that was kind of a spit in the face to the Mysterios, it was in reference to Eddie Guerrero. I was on top of the rope, about to jump off to do my first ever frog splash in the WWE — which is now kind of my move — and I hit this little Eddie Guerrero shimmy and the crowd goes crazy. But they’re all boos, right?”

The debut caught the attention of multiple higher-ups in WWE, including Vince McMahon. Continuing the conversation, Paul revealed that when he got backstage after the debut, McMahon made it clear he wanted to see the boser step into the wrestling ring again and again:

“And everyone backstage lights up, because you know in the WWE Universe, boos are fantastic. Boos are great, cheers are great. Silence is bad,” said Paul. “And I ignite, like lit this crowd up, and I get backstage and I go to Vince McMahon and he says something to me like, ‘Oh, your future is here.’ And I think we all kind of realized at the same time I could do this, I like it, and I’m good at it.”

When Did Vince McMahon Offer Logan Paul WWE Contract?

Paul officially became a member of the main roster on June 30th, 2022 which ran until WrestleMania 39. The influencer would sign a new contract in April 2023, remaining with the company until further notice.

Continuing with his arrogant persona in WWE, Paul picked up his latest victory at SummerSlam, defeating Ricochet in controversial circumstances in the opening match of the show.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.