Ex-WWE Star Explains Scrapped Vince McMahon Storyline

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There was once a major WWE storyline involving Vince McMahon having an illegitimate son, but it ended up changing just days before the plan would be revealed.

In 2007, there was a WWE storyline in place to reveal that WWE’s Executive Chairman Vince McMahon had an illegitimate child with Vince only finding out at that point and miraculously, the illegitimate child was under WWE contract already. Imagine that!

There were several weeks of teasing about who the illegitimate Vince McMahon child was going to including numerous segments with Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman doing comedic bits to further the storyline.

Eventually, it was revealed the Hornswoggle was McMahon’s illegitimate son, which was rather deflating and comedic when it was revealed.

The original plan was to have Ken Kennedy announced as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. Kennedy was a rising star in 2007 that won Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 23 and may have been World Heavyweight Champion if not for an injury at the time. As Vince’s son, he likely would have been pushed a lot. Kennedy is also the middle name of Vince McMahon with Paul Heyman helping Ken pick “Kennedy” as the last name of the real-life Ken Anderson, which was the name he used in TNA.

In an interview with WrestlingNewsco, the former Ken Kennedy explained what happened with the Mr. McMahon son storyline and how a suspension cost him the spot.

“The only reason that I didn’t end up becoming the son was I got suspended literally like five days before they were going to do the reveal in Green Bay, because the reveal ended up happening in Green Bay. I got suspended. I was part of that Signature Pharmacy (story). There was like, nine or ten of us that got busted for getting performance-enhancing supplements off an internet website, which kind of wasn’t how that all went down.”

“I remember that particular instance. I came home. They had already told me a few months before, Stephanie had come up to me and said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna do this thing. I want Vince to tell you. Vince thinks this is going to be good. He’s excited about it. I went in and he pitched me the whole idea. ‘We’re gonna have this big investigation and you’re gonna be my son.'”

“I flew home on a Wednesday. I got a call from Johnny’s (Laurinaitis) secretary in the office. ‘Hey you need to come to the airport to come to Stamford. Vince wants to talk to you.’ I go back to the airport and fly back to Stanford. A car picks me up and I go to Titan Towers.”

“There’s eight other guys in the office. He said, ‘We instituted this Wellness Policy. On such and such a date, it says here that you received some growth hormone.’ I was like, ‘It says in our policy that you’re not allowed to order this stuff off the internet. I didn’t order it off the internet. I saw a doctor.’ Well, the doctor ended up ordering it off the internet, so they suspended me for 30 days and fined me $10,000.”

A few months after the Hornswoggle son reveal, WWE decided to erase the storyline altogether by saying Hornswoggle was Finlay’s son (just a storyline, they are not related) and Vince didn’t have an illegitimate child after all. However, the original plan for it was supposed to be Ken Kennedy, who ended up being released by WWE in 2009 and never brought back after that.

Thanks to WrestlingNewsco for the transcript.