Vince McMahon Files “Statement Of Undisputed Material Facts”

Vince McMahon

The legal woes of Vince McMahon have taken their latest twist as the former WWE Chairman has filed a “statement of material facts.”

Vince McMahon is facing sexual assault and sex trafficking allegations in a lawsuit that rocked WWE. The lawsuit was filed by ex-WWE employee Janel Grant who revealed sickening text messages that were alleged to have been sent by the former WWE Chairman.

As a result of the lawsuit, Vince McMahon resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO and has since sold of many of his shares in the company as his association with WWE looks to be coming to a permanent end. However, McMahon has maintained his innocence and seems intent on trying to clear his name.

Vince McMahon’s New Filing Contains “Undisputed” Facts

Now, attorneys working for Vince McMahon have filed with the court a “statement of material facts” that they claim to be undisputed while reserving McMahon’s right to introduce new evidence at a later date:

Defendant believes the material facts stated below are undisputed and conclusively resolve the forum dispute before the Court. Should the Court find it necessary to conduct a hearing on any issue, Defendant respectfully reserves his right to introduce additional evidence that bears on witness credibility, sophistication, state of mind, and similar issues.

Vince McMahon’s legal team is looking to force arbitration in the case to avoid the matter potentially going to trial where more evidence on both sides of the case could be revealed.