Vince McMahon Seen Using Cane At WWE Meeting, Made Bizarre Request Of Staff

Vince McMahon with moustache

A new report provides further details on Vince McMahon’s demeanor at a recent WWE staff meeting.

On September 12th, WWE officially merged with UFC under parent company Endeavor to form TKO Group Holdings, Inc. Endeavor head Ari Emanuel is CEO of the new company, while Vince McMahon remains Executive Chairman of the Board.

While the merger was greeted with great fanfare at the New York Stock Exchange, it wasn’t a happy occasion for more than 100 WWE employees who were let go as a result of cost-cutting. Employee morale was said to be “decimated” after so many people lost their jobs, and WWE held a staff meeting on September 19th that was said to be a “rah rah” affair.

It was previously reported that Vince McMahon addressed employees during this meeting, claiming that the merger was necessary as WWE had become “stagnant” and needed something to change to be taken to the next level. Ari Emanuel also spoke, citing Endeavor’s long history with WWE and saying that he’s often gone to McMahon for advice.

Vince McMahon Urged WWE Staff Members To Applaud For Him

Now, a new report from PWInsider provides more information about McMahon’s presence at the staff meeting, noting that he was seen using a cane to walk up the stairs to the stage and also to walk to the podium where he addressed his employees.

Sources also told PWInsider that McMahon urged staff to clap for him. The report states:

“They also noted that Vince was in his moment, playing up to the employees that ‘I’m Vince McMahon, damn it!’ when he didn’t get a big round of applause and then remarked to them, ‘This is when you are supposed to clap’, motioning for a response and later when they did clap, he joked, ‘You’re learning.'”

The report goes on to note that McMahon was the only executive who didn’t hobnob with employees after the meeting. The event was reportedly filmed in its entirety using a full crew, and executives came out to address the crowd using an old set from Monday Night Raw.