Vince McMahon Is “One Of The Nicest People In the World” Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Vince McMahon

While some people may disagree, there is one WWE Hall of Famer that believes that Vince McMahon is a really nice guy.

When it comes to WWE’s Executive Chairman Vince McMahon, there are people that have strong opinions about the man. While some might credit him for creating the WWE empire over 40 years ago and becoming a billionaire, others don’t like how he sometimes treats people behind the scenes based on stories that have been told about him.

Clearly, the “hush money” scandal that rocked WWE and Vince himself in the summer of 2022 was not a good thing since it was revealed that he paid off multiple women with tens of millions of dollars just so that they could be quiet about what happened.

Teddy Long is a WWE Hall of Famer that worked for Vince McMahon for many years in different roles ranging from the on-screen Smackdown General Manager for several years, he was a referee, he was a manager and he had a long tenure in the company.

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Teddy Long praised Vince McMahon for being a really nice guy.

“I can’t just say what he’s really like because I didn’t hang out with him that much, but the time that I get a chance to spend with him, I thought he was one of the nicest people in the world. I’ve seen him go on these rampages and stuff, but like I always say, this man has a billion-dollar operation that he’s running and then one little thing can happen and can screw his whole company up.”

“So I can understand why if somebody goes out and says the wrong thing or makes a mistake, you know what that can do. I don’t know if I’d be as mad as I’ve seen him, but he lets you know, don’t make that mistake no more and I didn’t have no problem with that. I didn’t have no problem with Vince. He was just as nice as he could be.”

Regarding his past scandals, Vince McMahon said in April that he made past mistakes personally & professionally without getting into it that much.

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