Vince McMahon Had Interesting Reaction To WWE Champion On Commentary

Former WWE Champion Accuses Vince McMahon Of Misinformation

When Vince McMahon heard some familiar catchphrases on commentary, he was quick to get in the ear of the person responsible!

Before becoming the on-screen “Mr McMahon” character which everyone became very familiar with during the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon was a regular at the WWE commentary desk. Some of the most iconic lines in WWE commentary came from him, including “That’s Gotta Be Kane” among many others.

However, when the Old School edition of Monday Night Raw took place in January 2014, things on the show became all-too familiar for fans of the retro product, with the look and feel of the show changed to suit. This included the attire of those sat at the commentary desk, including JBL donning a red suit similar to McMahon would regularly be seen wearing.

Vince McMahon To WWE Champion: “You’re Fired”

Ten years on from the show, JBL has revealed in a post on social media what Vince McMahon’s reaction was when he not only saw the look, but then heard the former title holder using a number of his signature catchphrases.

Funny story about this, I was using Vince’s catchphrases-but he wasn’t saying anything. He obviously was very busy and hadn’t heard me yet, someone buzzed him—finally I hear in my ear ‘you’re fired’ in that iconic baritone voice. Lol!

JBL returned to WWE commentary on SmackDown last month, as part of the special Tribute To The Troops episode.