Vince McMahon’s Golden Egg Storyline Was “Originally Much, Much Worse”

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A former WWE writer has provided some insight into how WWE had plans for Vince McMahon and a golden egg that were much worse compared to what actually happened.

The 2021 edition of Survivor Series featured the Universal Champion Roman Reigns beat WWE Champion Big E in the main event in a show full of Raw vs. Smackdown matches. There was also a new storyline at the show involving a golden egg.

Since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson debuted in WWE at Survivor Series 1996, WWE honored The People’s Champion even though The Rock didn’t appear at the show. Vince McMahon honored The Rock by claiming that he was given a golden egg from The Rock with Vince telling Roman Reigns that it was worth $100 million.

It was a very random storyline that was just done to promote The Rock’s Netflix movie called “Red Notice” which featured the golden egg. That meant that Vince McMahon and his creative team had to come up with a story on WWE TV.

As the golden egg story continued on Raw, Vince McMahon questioned a lot of people and then it was revealed that Austin Theory stole it. Theory ended up getting a WWE Championship match out of it as a reward. It would lead to Vince McMahon taking a liking to Theory in the months ahead.

While speaking on the Bill Simmons podcast, former WWE writer and SVP of Development at Seven Bucks Productions Brian Gewirtz (who was not on the creative time at the time of Survivor Series 2021), revealed that the original plan for the “golden egg” story was different.

“I will say this, this is what I was told. Survivor Series, not this past Survivor Series, but the Survivor Series before it, we were doing Red Notice in a product integration in the pay-per-view. And this thing you know, as far as like there was this like magical golden egg that if you recall, it was a much heavily reviled night of creative everybody hated the angle as far as this golden egg that Austin Theory found and Sami Zayn, you know, ratted him out and everything else like that the original creative for that I won’t go into, but just trust me it was much, much, much, much worse.”

“When I discussed it with Dwayne, I was like, yeah, that’s gotta change. And then I think Vince and the team came up with this egg thing, which most people watching it were, you know, didn’t like it for whatever reason, that’s fine.”

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