Vince McMahon Erased By WWE

wwe Vince McMahon's Ruthless Response To Devastating In-Ring Injury

Vince McMahon is facing the fight of his life after sickening allegations were made against him in a new lawsuit.

Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking with several sordid accusations made against the former WWE Chairman. As a result of the situation, Vince McMahon has resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO meaning that his time in WWE now looks to be at a permanent end.

McMahon has called the accusations “replete with lies” and has vowed to clear his name. However, it seems McMahon won’t be a name heard on WWE programming going forward.

Vince McMahon No Longer Mentioned In WWE

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how Vince McMahon’s name has not been mentioned since the news broke and he doesn’t expect to hear it again on WWE programming:

It is very interesting and I’m not surprised and I don’t think anyone should be when you compare and contrast the first time Vince quit and this time. The first time Vince quit, they built the show around him, they had Stephanie come out there, the big goodbye, the whole bit.

This guy’s been erased. Paul Levesque never even mentioned his name at the press conference. On the Friday SmackDown show, nobody mentioned his name. I don’t think anyone’s gonna mention his name on any shows maybe ever again. At least not for the foreseeable future. For all good reasons for this point because I don’t see the point in mentioning his name.

Meltzer went on to note that it would be impossible to tell the story of WWE from a historical context without mentioning McMahon considering his role over forty years leading the company.

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