Vince McMahon Believed To Be Back In WWE Creative

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon is making headlines once again with one WWE star said to believe that he is back running creative in the company.

Vince McMahon strong-armed his way back onto WWE’s Board in early 2023 before he was installed as the company’s new Executive Chairman. Despite his position, it was publicly stated that Triple H was still running the creative direction of the company while McMahon focused on media rights deals and a possible sale of the company.

Sean Ross Sapp has reported that a talent in WWE reached out to him with the belief that “Vince McMahon was back in creative.” But that has not been confirmed.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez commented on the notion that Vince McMahon was back in charge of creative and says fans will know if he’s back if the show goes back to how it used to be:

“Here’s the thing, it is already been stated by triple that Vince McMahon is giving him ideas, recommendations, and suggestions, this is not new. As far as Vince McMahon is back, running creative, doing what he was doing before, if that happens it’s not gonna be something that you’re gonna have to learn from Sean Ross Sapp, Dave Meltzer, or me, you’ll just have to watch the show.”

“I had people ask me if Vince McMahon was back running creative because they announced Brock Lesnar vs. Omos for WrestleMania and that seems like it was when Vince was in charge but it’s not. […] [The show] is not what it was before and when it is you’ll know [he’s back].”

It should also be noted that PWTorch’s Wade Keller reported that he was told Vince McMahon is not back in creative:

“I was told flat out today that Vince McMahon is not back involved in WWE Creative.”

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