Why Vince McMahon Once Gave Someone A $100 WrestleMania Pay Day

Vince McMahon

A veteran of the wrestling business has recalled Vince McMahon paying someone $100 as their WrestleMania payoff after they apparently upset him.

For over 40 years Vince McMahon ran WWE and had the ultimate say on hirings, firings, and who earned what for their job.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell recently explained on his Story Time show how J.C. Ice apparently angered McMahon ahead of his appearance as part of the Nation of Domination at WrestleMania 13 and how it led to a paltry payday for the star:

“Do you know what he [J.C. Ice] got paid on that pay-per-view because Vince got mad at him for being an idiot? $100. That’s what he actually got paid. Even managers back in those days, you’d get at least five, six, or seven thousand dollars just to walk to the ring. Maybe not that much, but he got mad at him, and he gave him 100 dollars. And what’s Jamie going to do, bitching and complain? He is looking for a spot to get rid of him anyway.”

He showed up thirty minutes before the show started and still owed the guy like a $700 cab bill. And he told the cab guy, wait, I’ll get you your money, and the taxi cab driver never saw Jamie again. I think they got the guy paid somehow because the guy raised so much hell he wanted his money. And they knew Jamie was there at that time.”

h/t Sportskeeda