Vickie Guerrero Taking Daughter To Court Over Sexual Assault Claims

Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero has been the subject of much online contempt recently after she posted a scathing response to her own daughter’s claims that she had been sexually assaulted by Vickie’s husband, Kris Benson.

Taking to her TikTok account to tell her story, Sherilyn Guerrero – the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero – says she doesn’t talk to her mother or sister, Shaul Guerrero, although she’d love to, before detailing the alleged sexual assault she suffered on a family holiday by her stepdad:

“Come 2020 before COVID, there was a cruise that my family had went on. And basically on this cruise, I got sexually assaulted. And the unfortunate part was that it was by my stepdad. Yeah, it was by my stepdad. And was I the only one? No, but that’s not my business to put their story out there. But it happened to me. The fact that I protected somebody who doesn’t give a sh*t about me, is beyond me, but growth and maturity right? I lived with them, so I didn’t know what to do.”

“Basically fast forward the following year when I got injured on my knee, my mom was the only one out there in Houston that’s family and she was helping me with that. There was basically a conversation, and granted let me tell you I have told my mom how uncomfortable I am with him after it happened and basically she was always telling me it was a mistake. It’s not who he is.”

Eddie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. showed his support while Shaul Guerrero detailed her rocky relationship with her sister but seemed to indicate that she believed Sherilyn’s story.

Vickie Guerrero however launched a very public attack on her youngest daughter before deactivating her social media accounts. Guerrero is on her way out of AEW with her contract not being renewed past the summer but Guerrero’s widely condemned message may have hastened her departure from the company’s roster page.

Now Guerrero has reactivated her Instagram account and shared a message from her legal representation indicating that she and her husband will be taking Sherilyn to court:

April 12, 2023
Kris and Vickie Benson Respond to Sherilyn Guerrero’s Recent Allegations
Kris and Vickie Benson vehemently deny Sherilyn Guerrero’s recent allegations of sexual assault and abandonment. Ms. Guerrero’s unsubstantiated accusations have caused the Bensons to suffer public ridicule, scorn, derision, and humiliation. Kris and Vickie fully appreciate the seriousness of allegations of this nature and the need for public support of sexual assault survivors; however, they ask that you withhold final judgment on this matter until they have an opportunity to bring Ms. Guerrero and her claims into a court of law where judgment is based on facts and merit.

Reese Campbell
Attorney for Kris and Vicki Benson
EaDo Law, PLLC
Houston, Texas
(713) 424-6653

If you have been affected by sexual abuse or assault, help is available through RAINN which offers help and support to survivors.