Vickie Guerrero Rants After Daughter Accuses Stepdad Of Sexual Assault

Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero has issued an unsettling rant toward her own daughter Sherilyn after she accused Vickie’s husband of sexually assaulting her on a family holiday.

In 2015, Vickie Guerrero married Kris Benson, who has now been accused of sexual assault by Vickie and Eddie Guererro’s youngest daughter Sherilyn.

Taking to her TikTok account to tell her story, Sherilyn Guerrero says she doesn’t talk to her mother or sister, Shaul Guerrero, although she’d love to, before detailing the alleged sexual assault she suffered on a family holiday by her stepdad:

“Come 2020 before COVID, there was a cruise that my family had went on. And basically on this cruise, I got sexually assaulted. And the unfortunate part was that it was by my stepdad. Yeah, it was by my stepdad. And was I the only one? No, but that’s not my business to put their story out there. But it happened to me. The fact that I protected somebody who doesn’t give a sh*t about me, is beyond me, but growth and maturity right? I lived with them, so I didn’t know what to do.”

“Basically fast forward the following year when I got injured on my knee, my mom was the only one out there in Houston that’s family and she was helping me with that. There was basically a conversation, and granted let me tell you I have told my mom how uncomfortable I am with him after it happened and basically she was always telling me it was a mistake. It’s not who he is.”

Eddie Guerrero’s nephew Chavo Guerrero took to social media to show his support for Sherilyn:

“Just to let everyone know, I fully support my cousin, Sherilyn Guerrero, Eddie’s daughter & have been doing so privately in the last couple years of her struggles. She is a very strong woman for coming forward with the sexual assault she has suffered. I Love You Prima!”

However, now Vickie Guerrero has gone to social media to air more dirty laundry in public as she launched a blistering attack on Sherilyn as well as wrestling fans who have commented on the story:

“There are two sides to a story! Over 15 years my relationship with Sherilyn has been hostile and I have tried to deal with a narcissist person. Not only myself but close friends of Sherilyn of over 10 years and family have cut ties with her because of her manic behaviors. I tried to do therapy with Sherilyn but she always said NO and that I am sick not her. Sherilyn please tell your side of your character of being drunk on the cruise and having guys in your room then crying because you think you were raped then demanded us to go to a pharmacy in Bahamas for Plan B.

“You want to play dirty and sling Kris and I thru the mud….I have my own pile of mud FROM YOU.

“Are you enjoying the 2 cars that Kris bought you, the 3 apartments you bailed out of, and the 2 surgeries we paid for you. Your lies will catch up and I feel bad for you.

“Sherilyn, not once have you spoken to Kris about the situation, but you can go on social media and tell all….but that’s how you communicate….another example of you manipulating and harassing others.

“I am so done with you and tired of the years of your manipulation, lies, and disrespect. I kept quiet for years because you never seeked therapy to learn how to have an adult conversation with me. It has always been your way or nothing at all. Ok Sherilyn, not only will I see you in court but you and I will no longer be related.

“For the fans who feel entitled to comment…F*CK YOU….you hear one side of a story and you feel entitled to comment on something you know nothing about.”

If you have been affected by sexual abuse or assault, help is available through RAINN which offers help and support to survivors.