Veteran AEW Star Leaving The Company

AEW Logo over roster

An AEW veteran performer is wrapping up her run in the company.

It is being reported by Fightful Select that Vickie Guerrero is wrapping her run in the company. Vickie has worked for AEW since December 2019 and was placed in the role as Nyla Rose’s manager since July 2020.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp noted that AEW and Vickie agreed to not renew her contract, which was set to expire in July 2023.

There were also periods during Vickie’s run in the company where she managed Andrade El Idolo briefly. Marina Shafir also joined the Nyla/Vickie group in the past as well.

The story also noted that while Vickie worked on a screen a lot, she was also part of the AEW Heels group and contributed to some of the company’s digital projects.

Recently, Vickie posted about how a new journey begins for her.

Prior to her run in AEW, Vickie was most known as the wife of the late, great WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.

Vickie also became a big star on her own in WWE for nearly a decade from 2005 to 2014.

As a manager in WWE, Vickie also worked with Dolph Ziggler while also aligned with the Laycool duo of Michelle McCool and Layla.

Vickie had a great run as the Smackdown General Manager that was storyline married to Edge at one point while getting a lot every time she tried to do a promo. Fans will always remember Vickie for her memorable “Excuse Me” phrase during promos.