Update On How WWE Views Seth Rollins Doing Movies

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ movie career may not have an adverse effect on his wrestling career after all.

Recent reports emerged that some within WWE expressed hesitancy over making Seth Rollins the new World Heavyweight Champion due to his fledging movie career. Triple H made it crystal clear that whosoever carries this WHC will be expected to defend it frequently, which means said champion should not have other commitments that conflict with those duties.

So when Rollins was seen on a movie set, it was alleged that WWE was second-guessing the supposedly-confirmed decision to have Rollins win at Night of Champions this upcoming Saturday.

However, Fightful Select spoke to a higher-up within WWE who stated that those concerns don’t appear to be valid anymore.

Although this anonymous figure declined to comment on who is booked to win the match, it was noted that Seth Rollins’ situation with films is being seen as a positive and anything to the contrary is “an unrealistic way of thinking”, especially now with Endeavor getting involved in WWE’s decision-making to some degree.

Additionally, Fightful reported that Rollins is already done filming so there will not be any scheduling conflicts between his involvement in the film and his WHC match.

Had there been any sort of conflict though, then the WWE higher-up noted that there were plans to conduct some sit-down interviews to make up for any lack of in-person appearances or matches resulting from continued filming.

Lastly, it was noted that WWE appears to be moving in a new direction when it comes to WWE superstars doing outside appearances. Under previous regimes, such things were discouraged, but going forward, what has been going on with Seth Rollins appears to be the template and the expectation when similar situations emerge.