Update On Von Wagner Following Concerning NXT Spot

Bron Breakker attacks Von Wagner with steel chair

A new report has provided an update on Von Wagner following the events of the latest edition of NXT.

The show saw Wagner clashing with Bron Breakker in a No Disqualification match which the former NXT Champion won. However, victory wasn’t enough for Breakker and he continued the assault after the match.

Breakker focussed his attack on Wagner’s head, and ended the assault in a sickening fashion when he placed the helpless star on the bottom half of the ring steps and smashed the top half off his skull. Just before the steel connected, the show cut to black with audio of the incident with the commentary team selling the drama.

In the aftermath of the incident, reports emerged that the spot had “gone wrong”. A backstage NXT employee is said to have noted an air of panic after the spot, claiming Breakker had legitimately, but accidentally, hit Wagner in the head with the steps.

Footage and photos from after the show surfaced online with blood clearly visible on bandages that had been wrapped around Von Wagner’s head.

Von Wagner is fine following NXT incident

Now, Haus of Wrestling has provided an update on the incident, reporting that, in fact, everything went according to plan and Wagner is “totally fine.”

While there was no confirmation of a rematch in the report, it is likely that the brutal spot will be used to set the pair up for another bout at NXT No Mercy, which will take place on September 30th in Bakersfield, California.