Update On JBL’s WWE Future

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An update has been provided on what WWE plans to do with JBL moving forward after he had some harsh words for Baron Corbin this past Monday on Raw.

It appears as though JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield) no will no longer be a part of current WWE programming as a regular character. The news comes after PWInsider reported that JBL is not scheduled to appear regularly on WWE programming going forward.

Baron Corbin was traded to Raw from Smackdown on October 17th, but he didn’t come to Raw alone. Corbin returned with Bradshaw as his manager/mentor with the former “Wrestling God” WWE Champion JBL claiming that Corbin was a “Modern Day Wrestling God.”

Since then, Corbin picked up some wins in the early going of his pairing with a new manager, but then the losing started for Corbin. During the Men’s Royal Rumble match, Corbin entered the match at #14 and was eliminated by Seth “Freakin” Rollins in just seven seconds.

This past Monday on the February 6th edition of Raw, Corbin lost a four-minute match to Dexter Lumis while the former Bradshaw looked visibly upset about it at ringside.

Later in the show in a backstage segment, Layfield told Corbin he is channel-changing television while adding that his Hall of Fame career has lost all credibility because of Corbin. JBL also told Corbin he’s a clown, he does not belong near the Hall of Famer and Corbin suggested that he can change. Corbin told him he’ll do better. At that point, JBL said you can’t polish a turd, he tried and the Hall of Famer walked away.

Based on the report from PWInsider and what happened on Raw, it appears as though WWE’s creative team has pulled the plug on the Corbin/JBL experiment after five months.