Update On AJ Styles’ Injury Status

AJ Styles poses in the ring

A new update has shed light on WWE’s actions since AJ Styles picked up an injury during a house show earlier this week.

There was a WWE live event on December 29th in Hershey, Pennsylvania with Styles, Gallows & Anderson teaming up against The Judgment Day (Finn Balor, Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio) in the second match on the show.

Towards the finish, Styles appeared to have hurt his foot or ankle and instead of getting the win for his team, he tagged in Anderson, who ended up pinning Balor to get the win. Styles was helped to the back after the match. The referee did the “X” signal for Styles, which means that there is a legitimate injury.

Now, a new report from Pro Wrestling Insider has confirmed that Styles has been sent to Tampa for assessment, and wasn’t in attendance for either of WWE’s end of year shows last night.

For those who have asked, we are told that WWE sent AJ Styles to Tampa yesterday to get his ankle checked out. He did not work last night’s live event in Toronto after banging his left ankle up Thursday night in Nashville. Styles was not backstage at Smackdown, which was also in Tampa last night.

AJ Styles tweeted about it on Saturday morning noting that it’s a broken ankle:

“Just want you guys to know that I’m ok. Broken ankle is what I’m dealing with. No surgery, this just takes some time to recover. This will be the longest I’ve ever been out of the ring. Thanks for the prayers and get well wishes.”

Based on what Styles wrote above, it’s unlikely that he’ll be ready for the Royal Rumble match in 2023, which will be seven years after his WWE debut in the 2016 Rumble match.