Unseen Footage Of Jacob Fatu’s WWE Debut [Video]

Jacob Fatu WWE

Just how did WWE sneak Jacob Fatu into the action on SmackDown?

On the June 21st episode of SmackDown, Jacob Fatu made one of the most destructive WWE debuts in recent memory. Within seconds of arriving in the ring, Fatu had demolished Kevin Owens and Randy Orton and quickly went to work on taking apart Cody Rhodes. By the time the show went off the air, Rhodes had been driven through the announce table with a huge splash from the top rope.

As The Bloodline stood tall to close the show, the rest of the SmackDown roster was left wondering how they were going to survive.

In the days after Fatu’s debut, Triple H went so far as to call his signing a “game changer,” while tipping him for big things.

Secrets Behind Jacob Fatu’s WWE Debut Revealed

Fatu’s arrival in the ring was cleverly shot as always, making it seem as if he arrived from nowhere. So exactly where did Fatu come from?

In a post on Instagram, user @brocklesnarguy shared footage of Fatu making his way to the ring during a commercial break disguised as a member of the ring crew.

Are you curious to how Jacob Fatu got under the ring to make his surprise debut on Smackdown last Friday?

This is the same way They would get The Undertaker under the ring for his appearing in the ring with the lights cut.

During commercial break before the segment happens “ring crew” comes out about a group of 10 of them. The arena is darkened and there are WWE videos being played on the screen to distract you. When the group gets to ringside they will tug on the ropes and make sure the ring is in good shape but in this group a person will be in a black hood and will then slip under the ring until their cue to come out.

Sorry if I ruined anyone’s childhood. 😂

Following SmackDown, WWE filed to trademark the phrase “Samoan Werewolf” for Jacob Fatu. The star used the nickname in MLW and on the independent scene.