Unpopular WWE Hire Not A Surprise Says Dave Meltzer

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WWE recently brought in a new Head of Media and Production but the appointment did not go down well with some staff who have been with the company for years.

WWE staff were dismayed by the new Head of Media and Production being brought in from outside the company according to one report with ex-ESPN producer Lee Fitting getting the job. Fitting’s appointment came quickly after Kevin Dunn quit WWE after forty years with the organisation signalling a real changing of the guard at the top of the company since Endeavor’s takeover.

New WWE Appointment Not A Shock

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise for WWE to bring in an outsider for the role and why one name in contention at AEW wasn’t likely to happen:

So Lee Fitting came from ESPN, he was let go going August. He did Monday Night Football, he was very responsible for College GameDay. It was an interesting move because almost everybody expected someone from wrestling to be promoted. Whether it was somebody in that was already working there with Kevin Dunn in WWE, which was the prediction.

Obviously, a lot of people wanted them to get Mike Mansury or thought that they would make a play for Mike Mansury, although I think that that would have been impossible. I mean, a lot of people just think WWE snaps its fingers and they can get anyone. The reality is contracts are not that easy. When I kept hearing his name, I kept saying he’s under contract and not happening anytime soon.

So they went outside, which makes sense because Nick Khan is the president of the company and Nick Khan’s connections are all in the sports world. And so, you know, many times, you know, like, whether it was Jimmy Smith, whether it was Adnan Virk, you know, I mean, he made many calls, that came to bring people in from the outside sports world into WWE, both office, many office people he brought in, were, you know, outside sports world people. So, not a surprise.

Dave Meltzer also debunked Matt Riddle’s recent comments where the former WWE star claimed to be told he was winning the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble.

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