Unlikely WWE Star Winning Lots Of Backstage Support

WWE Women's Money In The Bank

There might have been no Money In The Bank briefcase for one WWE star but their stock in the company behind the scenes might be at an all-time high.

Money In The Bank saw Tiffany Stratton claim the briefcase in the women’s match in the biggest win of her career. Drew McIntyre won the men’s briefcase and cashed it in during Damian Priest’s World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins but was screwed once again by CM Punk who has made it his mission to ensure the Scottish star never holds the gold again.

Cody Rhodes was pinned in the main event as The Bloodline looks to get back on top and targets his WWE Championship as a result.

However, it was one star on the losing end that might have stolen the show after Chelsea Green was sent sailing from the ladder to the floor through two tables in what might have been WWE’s wildest spot for a female star ever.

Chelsea Green Winning WWE Supporters Backstage

Fightful Select has now reported that despite not winning in Toronto, Chelsea Green has plenty of support behind the scenes in the company.

Green is said to have already had a positive reputation in the company but many were impressed with the star’s promotion of the Money In The Bank match as she headed to Toronto early to complete local media duties. She was also praised for her promotion on social media where many got behind her “Cha-Ching Chelsea” catchphrase.

As far as the wild bump through the tables on the floor, it was noted Green was very comfortable taking it and treated it as no big deal. Company sources were said to be happy with how it played out and that she took the dangerous bump as safely as possible.