‘Undeniable’ Zoey Stark Addresses Why She Turned Heel On Nikkita Lyons

Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark has addressed why she turned heel on Nikkita Lyons, labeling herself as “undeniable.”

During the November 8, 2022 episode of NXT, Zoey Stark backstabbed Nikkita Lyons after the two would be defeated in a WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match against Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

This week on the November 15, 2022 edition of NXT, she gave an explanation of why she made the move that she did. According to Stark, Lyon was holding her back, saying that she was supposed to be a top singles attraction before she got paired with Lyons in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Stark went on to say that NXT isn’t about the future, declaring herself as “undeniable” and saying that everything is about Zoey Stark, then labeling herself as the hunter and the women in WWE’s developmental brand as the prey.

With Nikkita Lyons, she recently responded to the betrayal of Zoey Stark. Lyons took to Twitter on November 10, 2022 and directly responded to a tweet from Stark, simply stating “Karma’s a b*tch just like you.”

Current NXT boss Shawn Michaels also recently said on Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast that Nikkita Lyons could soon be called up to World Wrestling Entertainment’s main roster.