Uncle Howdy Theme Song Released By WWE

uncle howdy wwe smackdown

The theme song for Uncle Howdy has been released even though the superstar has been absent for several weeks.

Ever since Bray Wyatt returned to WWE in October 2022, he has been a mysterious character dealing with his anger issues. While Wyatt has tried to move on from “The Fiend” that was a part of his previous WWE run, we have seen Wyatt introduce Uncle Howdy to the WWE Universe.

In the initial stages, it appeared as though Uncle Howdy was an adversary of Wyatt since he actually attacked Bray at one point. However, as the relationship grew, we would find out that Howdy was an ally and likely going to be part of the rumored “Wyatt 6” group that has yet to materialize.

Following Wyatt’s easy win over LA Knight in a Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble (Bray’s only televised match since his October 2022 return), Howdy added to the victory with a leap off a high platform that saw him splash Knight onto some padded area.

At WrestleMania 39, Wyatt was supposed to face Bobby Lashley in singles action. There was even an angle on Smackdown with Lashley beating up Howdy to build to it, but Wyatt was unable to compete at WrestleMania for some reason, so the match never happened.

As for who is likely portraying Uncle Howdy, it is believed that it is the former WWE superstar known as Bo Dallas, who is Bray’s real-life brother. Perhaps the “Uncle” part comes from Bo being an uncle to Bray’s kids, but that isn’t something WWE has revealed.

While the character known as Uncle Howdy has been absent from WWE television, his theme song is now available in multiple places. Today, WWE decided to release Uncle Howdy’s theme song “Feared” on Spotify, Apple Music and other places you might listen to music as well. The song is produced by def rebel.

The theme song of Uncle Howdy has been posted on the WWE Music channel on YouTube and you can check it out below.