Uncertainty Surrounds Planned WWE Debut

WWE boss Triple H

WWE fans might have to wait a little longer than expected to see a new signing in action.

Around WrestleMania 40 weekend it was reported that Giulia had signed with WWE. At the time it was claimed the star would continue to appear for brand new promotion Marigold before heading to the Performance Center and NXT.

Further reports suggested Giulia would make her in-ring debut at NXT Heatwave, with Roxanne Perez a potential opponent. However, those plans were thrown into doubt when Giulia suffered a broken wrist during Marigold’s first-ever event on May 20th.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered an update, reporting that both Marigold and those close to Giulia don’t think she’ll be starting with WWE as soon as July 20th.

“There have been reports that Giulia starts on 7/20 in Toronto, facing Roxanne Perez for the NXT title. We had been told before she was hurt, from those in Japan who know her, that she was not starting in WWE that soon. Marigold is also of that belief. Time will tell.

Those close to her also say she will not be starting that soon, and all the necessary paperwork for her, her mother and her boyfriend who are moving with her to Florida, has to be completed for her to be in NXT full-time. However, since the show is in Canada, not the U.S., the visa restrictions aren’t there so from a legal standpoint she could do the show.”

Marigold Wants Two WWE Stars

Aside from the uncertainty around Giulia, it’s been reported Marigold is hoping to have two more WWE stars on the card for its next show in July.

On July 13th, the fledgling company will head to Ryogoku Kokugikan for Summer Destiny, and it wants to secure deals for Kairi Sane and IYO SKY to appear. While there’s believed to be a working relationship between the two promotions, it’s unknown whether this will include any kind of talent exchange.