Ultimo Dragon Wants AEW Match With Chris Jericho

Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon, the single most decorated pro wrestler in history has recently a US tour and hopes that Tony Khan will grant his wish to wrestle one of his oldest rivals.

Yoshihiro Asai, the man behind the Ultimo Dragon mask, began wrestling in 1987 and donned the gimmick in 1991 while wrestling in Mexico. He brought the gimmick back to Japan and began as a central player in Genichiro Tenryu’s Wrestling and Romance/Wrestling Association R (WAR) promotion throughout the early-to-mid 1990s. During that period, Ultimo had many highly-regarded matches with Chris Jericho, who was still a rookie at the time and called himself Corazón de Leon (Lionheart).

Now, over thirty years later, both Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho are still wrestling and neither one appears to be showing any sign of slowing down.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Ultimo would like for Tony Khan to grant his wish and book him to wrestle on AEW so that he can finally end a feud that began way back in the early 1990s:

“I am honestly not very familiar with AEW. But if I have the opportunity, I would really like to participate in one of their shows and end my rivalry with Jericho.”

As the headlining photo for this article indicates, Ultimo Dragon holds the record for most titles held by a single wrestler at a time, with eleven different cruiserweight titles. Aside from that accolade, the Asai moonsault is named after him and he can take credit for the fact that he trained current NJPW legend, Kazuchika Okada.