Ultimate Warrior’s Surprising Admiration For Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer

Ultimate Warrior's Surprising Admiration For Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam recently shed light on the late Ultimate Warrior’s secret admiration for him.

Speaking candidly in an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, the former WWE and ECW Champion admitted to being completely unaware of Ultimate Warrior’s fandom until after the iconic wrestler’s passing.

Van Dam shared his astonishment, recounting a conversation with Warrior’s wife that unravelled the unexpected revelation. During WrestleMania just before Warrior’s untimely demise, Van Dam had a brief encounter with the legend, shaking his hand and engaging in a short conversation. However, it wasn’t until after Warrior’s death that his wife approached Van Dam with a surprising revelation about Warrior’s profound appreciation for his career.

In the interview, Van Dam recalled the conversation with Warrior’s wife, stating:

I got to know him [Warrior] a little bit when he was in WWE, I talked to him at the WrestleMania before he passed away I got to shake his hand and just talk to him for a little bit. After he passed away his wife, she was telling me ‘I don’t know if you know this but Warrior always followed your career he was such a big fan of yours.’ And I’m like ‘What? I had no idea.’

The startling disclosure continued as Warrior’s wife took Van Dam back to 1995, recounting an independent show in Las Vegas where Warrior had noticed and admired Van Dam’s performance. Van Dam expressed a deep sense of flattery upon learning about this unexpected connection, stating:

And she said ‘I don’t know if you remember this but you were on an independent show in Las Vegas in 95,’ I was like ‘Of course, I remember, it was at the Aladin.’ And she says ‘Yes, he saw you and he was watching you.’ I was extremely flattered.

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