UFC’s Dana White Hails Amazing Partner Vince McMahon

Dana White

UFC President Dana White has sung the praises of Vince McMahon.

The pair have long been viewed as business rivals, with White running UFC and McMahon spearheading the WWE, but are now together under one business entity, TKO Group, after the two companies merged following a multi-billion dollar takeover by Endeavor.

White had previously spoken of a frosty relationship with McMahon, including a claim that McMahon had denied UFC a TV deal, however following the merger his views on the ‘Genetic Jackhammer’ seem to have thawed.

Speaking during the post-UFC 295 press conference, White had high praise for McMahon, his daughter Stephanie and Son-in-Law Triple H:

“If there’s something there, like Ronda [Ronda Rousey] going over there, Brock [Brock Lesnar] coming over here, whether we were with them or not, if that was the case, we would do that stuff.

The relationship has been incredible. Vince [Vince McMahon] has been an amazing partner. I’ve always liked Triple H and Stephanie [Stephanie McMahon]. We’re having a good time with those guys.”

Dana White Rules Out Battle Of The Billionaires

White was also questioned about a potential bout with McMahon after a war of words between the duo over the years with White recently suggesting that his history with McMahon was not a good one.

The UFC President, however, insisted that the two are now on the same page and would not need to settle their differences in the squared circle:

“It’s all over. We’re buddies now. We’re friends.”

H/T: Fightful for the above transcription