Two AEW Women’s Wrestlers Were Considered For The Pinnacle Group

the pinnacle aew dax harwood mjf

There were two talented women’s wrestlers in AEW that were once considered to be part of the former AEW group known as The Pinnacle.

All Elite Wrestling has had many different stables in the first four years of the company. While The Pinnacle could hardly be considered the best AEW group ever, they did have a big impact for the short time that they existed.

The Pinnacle group consisted of the current AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), the FTR tag team (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) that are former AEW Tag Team Champions, Wardlow – a two-time former TNT Champion and Shawn Spears as the five wrestlers in the group along with Tully Blanchard as the manager.

It was in early 2021 when The Pinnacle became a heel stable in AEW that was feuding with The Inner Circle group led by Chris Jericho, who were also heels originally, but by that point they had done a babyface turn. The two groups would go on to have a Blood & Guts match on Dynamite won by The Pinnacle. In the rematch at Double or Nothing 2021, The Inner Circle beat The Pinnacle in a Stadium Stampede match.

After that, The Pinnacle slowly fell apart and they weren’t consistently used as a group. Wardlow turned on MJF after being bossed around, so Wardlow became a babyface while FTR also became a babyface team in 2022 as well. There was no exact moment when the group ended – it just sort of fizzled out.

While speaking on his FTR podcast, Dax Harwood revealed that there were discussions to bring in two women to the group.

“We really wanted Britt (Baker), and there were talks of Britt being in the group, but Britt is a standalone star, no one needs to mess with her, she’s great. The other one that I really wanted and talk to Tony (Khan) about, he was pretty excited and had the idea, was Serena Deeb.”

“Up until that point, she had been a babyface, but I thought she really fit what the Pinnacle was, especially Cash and myself, just an incredible wrestler who is considered a badass among the women. Those are the two, and the closest was probably Serena Deeb.”

As we know, it ended up not happening after all.

H/T Fightful