Two Title Changes Take Place At AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear featured seven title matches and two of them changed hands with some controversy surrounding one of the matches.

At AEW Full Gear in Los Angeles, Hikaru Shida put the AEW Women’s World Title on the line against Toni Storm. Shida went into the match as a three-time AEW Women’s Champion while Storm went into the match as a two-time

The two veterans went on to have a match full of twists and turns. There were times in the match when Storm had her assistant Luther hand her two shoes. Storm went on to use one of the shoes to attack Shida and it only got a two count.

Storm kept on trying to use objects because she put a metal tray in her tights. Even though the metal object was clearly visible on Storm’s backside, the referee was miraculously unable to see it.

After Storm hit a German Suplex, Storm hit the running hip attack with the metal object. The running hip attack is a patented move that Storm always does, so she used it with a weapon. That knocked out Shida enough to allow Storm to pin Shida. Storm became the new AEW Women’s World Champion for the third time in her career.

Following the victory, AEW newcomer Mariah May went into the ring and gave Storm some flowers to congratulate Toni on the big win.

Julia Hart Wins TBS Title At AEW Full Gear

There was a second woman who became a champion at Full Gear as well. That was Julia Hart, who won the TBS Championship in a triple threat match over the champion Kris Statlander and Skye Blue.

For the past six months, Kris Statlander has been a dominant TBS Champion. However, in this match she lost the title without getting pinned. Hart was in the right place at the right time after Statlander hit Blue with her Saturday Night Fever finisher. Hart jumped into the ring and hit a clothesline on Statlander while taking advantage of the situation to pin Blue.

The win by Julia Hart means she’s the first member of the House of Black stable to win a singles title in AEW. At 22 years old, Hart is also the youngest current champion in AEW as well.