Two AEW Stables Unite To Form Supergroup On Collision

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Two AEW stables are now planning to work together after officially aligning on Collision.

On the January 17 edition of AEW Dynamite, the Bullet Club Gold trio of Jay White, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn (minus the injured Juice Robinson) defeated the Mogul Embassy to become the ROH Trios Tag Team Champions.

In the weeks leading up to that match, the AEW Trios Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn (aka Daddy Ass) had pitched the idea that they become a supergroup together. The reason for that is that they had a common enemy in the Undisputed Kingdom group led by Adam Cole.

It’s an interesting dynamic between the two groups because The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn are one of the most popular acts in AEW while Bullet Club have been heels, so that’s why there was a bit of reluctance from them.

AEW Collision took place in St. Louis with Bullet Club Gold aka the Bang Bang Gang talking about winning the ROH Trios Tag Team Titles. That’s when they were joined by The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens & Max Caster along with Billy Gunn to try to convince BCG to form a supergroup.

Max Caster started the pitch for The Acclaimed.

“That’s right, Bang Bang Gang. It’s one thing to get to the top of AEW, but it’s another thing to stay there. Just think if we were a supergroup. Together we’d be unstoppable in the ring, unstoppable in the back, unstoppable where it counts—with all the people. And I know the people want to see Billy Gunn with some singles gold.”

“I know the people want to see the Gunns with tag team titles, and Jay, I know the people want to see you as the World Heavyweight Champion. Listen! This is not our ceiling.”

The Acclaimed And Bullet Club Officially Become A Supergroup On AEW Collision

Anthony Bowens was more direct in wanting an answer.

“The Acclaimed—we’ve been given the runaround before and we’re not going to take it anymore. We want an answer now. You don’t just have to answer to us. You have to answer to St. Louis. Do you want to see the Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold unite?”

The fans loved that idea so much that they chanted “yes, yes, yes” for it. Bowens continued.

“Of course you do! Everyone loves the Acclaimed! Scissors up! Guns up! Guys, this could be us every single week! The Bang Bang Scissor Gang!”

At that point, Bullet Club Gold and The Acclaimed scissored with their hands to show that they were officially together as a supergroup and the fans cheered.

What this also means is that Billy Gunn is now united again with his sons Austin & Colten Gunn after Billy’s sons turned on him while Billy has been loyal to The Acclaimed.