The Truth Behind Vince McMahon’s WWE Lockbox Secret Exposed

Shane McMahon Vince McMahon

One of wrestling’s greatest mysteries has now been solved eight years after WWE fans were left wondering what dark secrets Vince McMahon had in his lockbox.

In early 2016, Shane McMahon made his shock return to WWE and was immediately put in a Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker by his father, the maniacal Vince McMahon.

While the spectacle of The Undertaker competing at WrestleMania and the knowledge that Shane McMahon would do something certifiably crazy might have been enough, another wrinkle to that story was added by the former WWE Chairman.

Shane McMahon was promised control of Raw if he managed to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania while if The Deadman won, then Shane would have to give up a lockbox containing Vince McMahon’s secrets if he lost.

Shane McMahon did lose – and leapt off the top of the Hell In A Cell fulfilling his crazy quota – meaning that in theory, Vince McMahon got control of the lockbox but bizarrely it was never mentioned again and nobody ever found out what was in it – which could well have been the point of McMahon wanting it back in the first place.

But what was meant to be in it and did WWE have a plan for the lockbox?

Vince McMahon Lockbox A Last Minute Addition

Fightful Select has reported that members of the WWE creative team from that time have claimed that there was never anything determined to be inside the lockbox. Furthermore, the lockbox was never intended to be part of the storyline and was instead something Vince McMahon added at the last minute.

On reflection, the storyline has been given darker connotations over the past two years as Vince McMahon has been accused of serious sexual assault which led to him resigning as Executive Chairman of TKO as his official affiliation with WWE came to an end.

The lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon has been paused due to the US government’s own investigation into the allegations made against him.