Trish Stratus Explains Why She Rejected WWE Return

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus has revealed why she turned down a WWE comeback.

Despite her legendary status, Trish Stratus’ full-time WWE career lasted just six years, with only five of those spent as a wrestler. The Canadian star retired in her hometown of Toronto, Canada with a win over Lita to claim her seventh and to date final Women’s Championship in 2006.

However, since then she’s repeatedly returned to the ring, but there’s been at least one comeback she turned down.

At WrestleMania 25 in 2009, WWE held a “Miss WrestleMania” Battle Royale that Santino Marella infamously won. But that might not have been the case had the company’s original plans come together.

During an interview with Inside The Ropes Magazine which will appear in Issue 43, Stratus revealed that she was approached to be part of the match but turned it down.

“I always said when I retired, if I go back, it’s got to be for something important. Not important, that’s not the right word. It’s got to be for something that’s good. No, that’s not right either. It’s gotta be just something that has to check a few boxes. I want to work with someone I haven’t worked with before. Selfishly as a performer I want to challenge myself. But I also want to elevate another person.

I want to do stuff that hasn’t been done before. I want to present things a bit differently. I just thought about coming back after being retired, I didn’t think that was a good platform to do it. I didn’t think it was necessary. I don’t think it would have been way better if Trish Stratus was in there.”

Trish Stratus Almost Appeared At WrestleMania 40

Meanwhile, it was reported after WrestleMania 40 that Trish Stratus and Lita had been scheduled to appear on night two. The legends were planned to be part of the Hall of Fame segment but ended up not being used.

The Hall of Fame class of 2024 was made up of Paul Heyman, Muhammad Ali, Bull Nakano, the US Express, Lia Maivia, and Thunderbolt Patterson.