Trish Stratus Wants Victoria In WWE Hall Of Fame

trish stratus victoria wwe

Trish Stratus is calling for former WWE superstar Victoria to get her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame soon.

The WWE comeback of Trish Stratus has seen the WWE Hall of Famer turn heel on Becky Lynch and it sounds like she’ll be sticking around for a while too. That’s great for fans that have been watching Stratus compete in WWE since her 2000 debut until her 2006 retirement and multiple comebacks since then.

One woman that Trish Stratus wrestled many times during her WWE career was Victoria, who also competed in TNA as Tara and whose real name is Lisa Marie Varon.

Victoria was a part of WWE for about nine years during the 2000s decade and was a tw0-time Women’s Champion. More importantly than that, Victoria helped make the women’s division into a more serious thing in an era when the company wasn’t featuring women in competitive matches as often as they do in today’s WWE.

While speaking on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Trish Stratus called for her friend Victoria to get into the WWE Hall of Fame. Trish mentioned their Survivor Series 2002 Hardcore Match together.

“We bring Victoria in, different angle, we’re going to go hardcore. We’re going to show that we can get crazy and take a chair shot. Taking one chair shot, it had to get cleared, it was a big deal. Now, it’s like there are 17 chair shots in one women’s match. We did that.”

When After The Bell co-host Corey Graves mentioned that Victoria wasn’t talked about enough, Trish Stratus spoke up for her former on-screen rival.

“But not in the Hall of Fame talk. We were right there. We were there when fans were at the point of, ‘I think we’re digging this, women can wrestle. Cool. I’ll watch. I won’t go to the bathroom during this segment,’ and they would tune in. Victoria and I knew, ‘We got them now.’ They’re giving us characters and storyline development and we’re actually going to have a (video) package before we go out and wrestle. We didn’t have that before. Now, we get it, just like the guys.”

“Victoria was there and we were at that moment where we turned the corner for women’s wrestling where, ‘Now, this is an acceptable part of the show,’ and we’re going to take it to another level and go hardcore and do stuff that you didn’t see the women do. We killed our bodies doing it.

“I find it so crazy that she is so underrated, under recognized. How many times are we going to have a Hall of Fame? I love Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, but this is a wrestling (company), I know we don’t say ‘wrestling,’ for some reason, I don’t know why, I am a wrestler and we work for World Wrestling Entertainment, I’d like to see a wrestler maybe get into the Hall of Fame next like Victoria. Maybe I’m crazy.”

This isn’t the first time that Trish Stratus has called for Victoria in the WWE Hall of Fame. Hopefully it happens as soon as WrestleMania 40 weekend next year in Philadelphia.

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